Nestled in a North Carolina garage, Threading Reality thrives as my personal passion project. By day, I’m a programmer, but during my off-hours, I craft hand-designed art, technical marvels, and 3D printed wonders.

For over a decade, I’ve sculpted handcrafted art, technical designs, and 3D printed marvels. While I once dabbled in CNC milling and metal lathe work, my focus now lies in 3D Printing, Laser Engraving, and cutting. CAD modeling is my playground, creating Made in the USA designs for laser cutting, CNC milling, or 3D printing.

Threading Reality specializes in bespoke creations—business signs, coasters, plaques, ornaments, and more—all tailored to your vision.

Join me on this journey of blending technology and artistry, creating personalized pieces that embody small-business innovation from my workshop.